POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray

In each common household mattress can be found up to two million house dust mites! These produce mite feces, which leave the mattress and mix up with the room air and causes the well known symptoms of house-dust allergy, like itching, mucosal inflammation and bronchitis. Since this mite feces can neither be washed off nor deeply extracted with household funds, the use of mite sprays makes sense to curb the spread of the house dust mite population.

How does POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray work?

POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray contains natural essential oils that penetrate into the inside of the mattress. The dander takes the smell and becomes inedible for the house dust mites. POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray kills dust mites not directly, but deprives them of food and thus livelihood.

In addition, the use of Mattress Clean Spray causes inactivation of the allergenic components of mite feces. The remaining mite feces are thus harmless and do not trigger allergic reactions.

Regular use of the POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray reduces not only the spread of dust mites, but ensures a fresh scent in the bedroom.

Product features:

  • Inactivates allergy causing substances in mite faeces
  • Reduces the reproduction of mites
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Removes light stains
  • Smells fresh and pleasant
  • Suitable for all mattresses, sofas, curtains and textiles
  • With natural orange oil

Your benefits by a regular treatment of mattress with POTEMA® Mattress Clean Spray:

  • Increase of sleeping comfort and well-being
  • Allergen reduction
  • Quality of the mattress is preserved