POTEMA® is new sales partner of MediCleanTEC®!

By using micro-dry steam devices, you create permanently better cleanliness and hygiene, without chemical residues and reduce working times in many areas. With a special, natural finishing technology (silicon-based - ProSeal), surfaces are protected, dirt can no longer penetrate and dirt can be removed more easily. MediCleanTEC® has optimized the conventional cleaning processes and completely dispenses with the use of cleaning agents. MediCleanTEC® has optimized the conventional cleaning processes and completely dispenses with the use of cleaning agents.

The MediCleanTEC® Micro Cleaner cleans only with water and completely without detergent. It works with saturated micro dry steam and is more efficient than conventional methods. The method is 100% residue-free and hygienic.

Standardized processes make work easier, faster and reduce physical exertion. Depending on the cleaning needs and task, we offer not only the MediCleanTEC® but also other micro dry steam devices in various sizes and strengths - also with suction and / or individual accessories - for cleaning e.g. canteen kitchens, wellness areas or production facilities. Residues, a lack of cleanliness, time-consuming basic and special cleaning, health hazards from chemicals in the cleaning agents and dirty corners from the inspectors are history with the 3-pillar concept.


Your benefits

  • 100% hygiene by reducing bacteria, viruses and germs with great heat
  • Best technology grown from decades of experience
  • Highest efficiency and quality standards from the industry
  • Comprehensive service and advice with the Green Cleaning Concept
  • Universally applicable in many different industries
  • International dealer network with comprehensive knowledge of cleaning
  • Free of chemical residues and therefore no breeding ground for germs and dirt
  • The perfect solution against allergies, resistances, respiratory problems and skin irritations
  • Pioneer in environmental matters through minimum water consumption and avoidance of waste water



The use of clear water and heat takes modern cleaning and the term "hygiene" to a new level. Health-endangering chemicals are eliminated without replacement and yet you fight germs, bacteria and viruses highly effectively. By cleaning with MediCleanTEC®, you not only protect the environment, but also your health to the highest degree.

Your health is important to us.

With the unique micro dry steam technology, we have now succeeded in obtaining the renowned ZPMed seal of confidence for our products. This seal is only awarded to products that have been classified and evaluated as health-promoting after thorough preventive medical assessment. We are very happy and proud to be able to contribute to health and well-being with this pioneering technology. In private households, as well as in all areas of commercial cleaning.