What is the procedure of a mattress cleaning?

The POTEMA® cleaning process is the fastest and most hygienic way to deeply clean mattresses.

A certified POTEMA® specialist comes to your home and checks the condition of the mattress. A small part of the mattress is cleaned and a test for allergy-causing mite feces is done. When you gave order, the entire mattress is thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning system. Following cleaning, the surface of the mattress is treated with POTEMA® Mattresses Clean Spray, which inhibits mites from reproducing by using natural essential oils.

The deep cleaning of your mattresses by a POTEMA® Service Partner takes place quite comfortably and without effort for you at your home - fast, thorough, cheap!

1. Test cleaning of a small part of the mattress.
The degree of contamination is determined and the allergen load is tested.
2. Main cleaning of the entire mattress.
Duration approx. 20 minutes for cleaning of both sides (approx. specification for mattress 100x200cm)
3. Allergen inactivation, refresher, stain treatment by POTEMA® Mattresses Clean Spray, made of natural raw materials.
4. Attachment a POTEMA® Test Seal to the cleaned mattress
5. Cleaning protocol
6. Issuance of a certificate for hotels, hospitals, homes, etc.

The mattresses can remain in bed during cleaning. Recommended cleaning interval: 6 to a maximum of 24 months

Effectiveness of the POTEMA®-Deep Cleaning


With the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system mite feces inside the mattress are pulverized and dissolved by specific vibrations. A precisely vacuum, matched to the mattress, removes the mite feces from the inside of the mattress. During the cleaning process germs and microorganisms on the surface of the mattress are destroyed by a special energy-intensive UV irradiation.

After the cleaning, the air can circulate through the mattress properly again.



Quality that decides

Only approved POTEMA® specialist companies work according to our strict guidelines, which ensure a successful and thorough mattress cleaning. If you have had your mattress cleaned by a certified POTEMA® specialist, you will receive a test seal that will be attached to the mattress. Hotels, guesthouses, day nurseries and clinics also receive a certificate for the cleaning carried out.