Hotels & Hospitals

Today, every hotel guest or patient in a Hospital demands high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The fact, that in untreated mattresses millions of dust mites affect sleeping comfort is known to most people. Therefore, more and more guests attach importance to a regular mattress cleaning and impeccable hygiene in the hotel. In times of rating portals and social media, hotel guests worldwide exchange their experiences.

With a professional deep cleaning of your mattresses according to the original POTEMA® cleaning procedure, you offer your guests or patients what they justifiably require as a standard:

  • Removal of almost all dirt particles in the mattresses (hair, dander, textile fibers, feathers, fungi, bacteria, house dust mite (& faeces), pollen and food leftovers)
  • Low allergen burden
  • Better sleeping comfort
  • Pleasant room climate
  • Fresh smell

Only approved POTEMA® specialist companies work according to our strict guidelines, which ensure a successful and thorough mattress cleaning.

Secure a competitive advantage and offer your guests the best possible sleep hygiene:

  • Steam- and chemical-free, highly effective antibacterial treatment of mattresses
  • high efficiency demonstrated by independent test laboratories
  • Harmless to humans and the environment
  • material harmless
  • Suitable for all types of mattresses (exception: waterbeds)
  • Recognized by the DEHOGA for the star classification
  • Cleaning also possible while the hotel is running (mattresses are not removed from the beds, after about 20 minutes the mattresses are usable again)

Each cleaned mattress is marked with the legally protected POTEMA® Mattress Test Seal. As a customer, you will also receive a representative HYGIENE CERTIFICATE free of Charge (valid for one year), for posting in the reception area and as proof of the DEHOGA classification after performing the mattress cleaning. Many renowned hotels around the world have their guest mattresses regularly cleaned with the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system. Use our service as a unique feature of your house! Regularly cleaned mattresses, according to the strict POTEMA® Guidelines, are proven to be professionally cleaned and hygienic and tidy!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Intensive deep cleaning of your mattresses
  • Certificate of completed cleaning
  • Test seal for each cleaned mattress
  • Better sleeping comfort of your guests
  • Image gain & better ratings
  • The quality of your mattresses is preserved